Why you need to stop using Alcohol based NOW!

The use of hand sanitiser has become a daily activity for all of us in 2020 and sanitiser stations are now common sights in schools, supermarkets and offices. However, there is a growing concern about the safety of these hand gels.
I am sure you have heard accounts in the media of deaths due to drinking hand sanitizer but most of these incidents were due to the victim being intoxicated and foolishly consuming them. So, what are the risks of alcohol-based sanitisers?
A recent research paper from Oxford University has raised the alarm that Alcohol-based sanitisers are a risk to children and those suffering from dementia or other mental health issues. There has been almost double the number of cases of poisonings from alcohol-based hand sanitisers this year in the UK, according to the National Poisons Information Service. There were 155 between January and September 2019, but this has surged to 398 over this year largely because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
We are not wishing to scaremonger or frighten people as the correct use of alcohol-based sanitisers is a core part of our fight against the Corona Virus, but we would recommend extreme caution in many environments such as schools – it is our view that is better to be “safe than sorry”
So, what is the alternative?
The answer is to source a recommended alcohol-free sanitiser to remove the potential risks. A recent study, compiled by Benjamin Ogilvie from Brigham Young University, reported of the 4 alcohol-free sanitisers they tested, the results showed they were just as effective at killing the virus. Benjamin commented ‘Our results indicate that alcohol-free hand sanitizer works just as well, so we could, maybe even should, be using it to control COVID,’
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